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Name:Will Nobilis
Birthdate:Apr 8
Location:Texas, United States of America
"A man can hope and dream, even when he has no hope and fears to dream." - Me

Job: President and CEO of Freeman Nouveau Organized Resource Distribution.
As for my real job? "Sore wa himitsu desu." (I should note, I adore my job.)
Race: Aufklärung
Class: Gravitational Dart IT ♪Village Ninja
Sign: =^.^= -( μ )
What others say about him: "Help! I'm being eaten by a quaint folk legend!"

Guess the author:
"He never claimed to be a god. But then, he never claimed not to be a god. Circumstances being what they were, neither admission could be of any benefit."

"So feathers or lead?" I asked him.
"It is the riddle of the kallikanzaros. Pick one."
"You're wrong."
"If I had said 'lead'...?"
"Uh-uh. You only have one chance. The correct answer is whatever the kallikanzaros wants it to be. You lose."
"That sounds a bit arbitrary."

Sometimes I just stare into the sun, marveling at its powers and gentle grace that warms the Earth and allows for life itself. Then I stop and think "Good God, I've blinded myself again!"

*******DISCLAIMER the First*******

Heretic. See also, me. I hold Nothing sacred so leave such things (as you hold sacroscant, inviolate, sacred, taboo and untouchable) at the door when you enter, otherwise I will make hamburger out of your sacred cow. Or monkey brain soup out of your sacred monkey. In other words, do not go there with me if you are looking to argue with/convert/pervert the reality around me. . .I probably know more about religion and spirituality than is safe and sane for one person to know and I have better things to debate the validity/invalidity/existence of. . .hopefully, some of those better things with you.

*******DISCLAIMER the Second*******

By accessing this journal in any way, shape, or form, directly or indirectly, you (hereinafter, YOU/YOUR) grant "Will /♪/ Nobilis" and his duly authorized agents (hereinafter, collectively The WILL) carte blanche, including but not limited to unrestricted use and (consensual) abuse of YOU/YOUR personal information, personal property, personal anatomy, and increasingly precarious emotional state.

This agreement may be be altered at any time by The WILL at The WILL with The WILL. Quietly changing a document somewhere on the Internet shall constitute notification. It is incumbent on YOU/YOUR to locate these changes, seeing as how YOU/YOUR grants automatic blanket consent to any such changes.

Should any part of this agreement be found illegal, the remaining parts shall remain in full force. Parts found merely unethical or tasteless may be doubled (or tripled. . .maybe quadrupled, who knows?) in magnitude, solely at the discretion of The WILL.

See also here.

Interests (73):

808-state, a-ha, and one, any james bond, anything from: modessit, bach, bauhaus, billy idol, brunner, brust, bubblegum crisis, buck-tick, chikayo fukuda, computers, coraline, course of empire, dancing, dark city, david bowie, depeche mode, earth wind and fire, echo & the bunnymen, enigma, equilibrium, fitness, gaia consort, gaming, ghost in the shell, gundam, happy mondays, hiroshi tamawari, hitoshi sakimoto, home made kazoku, iria, iron maiden, john barry, kaki king, kate bush, masaki kurokawa, masami okui, masashi hamauzu, megumi hayashibara, motoi sakuraba, narnia, norikatsu fukuda, peter murphy, pi, pop poppins, reading, science, seizo nakata, shinji tamura, shriekback, sin city, siouxsie and the banshees, spiderwick chronicles, the church, the clan of xymox, the cure, the faint, the inspector general, the shamen, the sisters of mercy, the smiths, toshiro masuda, v for vendetta, vnv nation, writing poetry and music, writing short stories and novels, yasunori mitsuda, yoichiro yoshikawa, yoko kanno, zelazny (and probably too many more to name here)
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